Installations during Milan design week

Today I will continue the story of the Milano design week.

As part of the Salone del Mobile some manufacturers presented art installations.

For example, the Swedish clothing manufacturer COS presented their work with Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto – installation “Forest of light”.

COS after collaboration with the Danish manufacturer of furniture and home accessories HAY can not be called a brand, which is distant from interior design. But now the brand collaborates with architects and artists, and that adds to credit as a creative brand.

“Forest of light” – is “a unique installation and multisensory experience.” The emerging and disappearing circles of light, sound, smoke, do create an impression of the forest, the feeling of separateness from others and move you to meditation mood. After spending some time among these circles of light repeated on all sides in the mirror, you forget about everything.


If interested, you can see the official video from COS on Youtube.

The second astonishing installation called “50 manga chairs”. It was introduced by the Japanese brand Nendo and makes a comparison between the manga comics and design furniture.  These chairs were made as manga symbols:  “speech bubble”, effect of movement, emotional symbols – sweat and tears.

On a background of black walls and white floor some parts of the chairs disappear depending on your point of view. The effect was magical.



Collection Lumières Out of the Box of Baccarat maybe can not be called installations. But surrounded by works of art in the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, to me all these things together seemed to be arts.



One of the interactive installations presented in the Tortona district, called Crystal Automata. PRECIOSA lighting saw the connection between chandeliers and automata. Both, in their opinion, should attract attention. The creators decided to join Bohemian crystal, mechanical principles of historic automata and clockworks. I do not know whether they were able to convince participants in this regard, but it was very beautiful. These crystals have attracted my hands, though I’m not a fan of sequins.



In conclusion, I want to show the installation of a brand the distant from interior design – LEXUS. Designers Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin affected the organs of sight, hearing and taste at the same time.



Taste accompaniment were delicious micro-snacks created by chef Yoji Tokuyoshi.

Photo 16.04.16, 16 52 46


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