White apartment in Milan

Laura Dragotti – owner of Riad store and a wonderful apartment in Milan’s Porta Venezia. Laura moved into this apartment in 2010 with her husband, two children, a dog and two cats. Laura loves white, because she believes that the things surrounding us are colorful enough. Besides Milan, in her opinion, is very dark city.… Continue reading White apartment in Milan

London house in shades of gray

This London house has it all – from walk-in closet, to a private bar. In addition, it is another example of excellent work with the various shades of gray. Dark gray walls of the living room create a cozy atmosphere, bright kitchen walls blend with the color of the sky through the large windows, a… Continue reading London house in shades of gray


A house in Enschede

This house, built in 1913, is located in the city of Enschede in the Netherlands close to the German border. Marloes and Robert, who lives here, like to change at least one thing every day in their home. Interior is eclectic, not boring. The furniture and all small decorative things are from different styles and… Continue reading A house in Enschede


An apartment in Copenhagen by Norm Architects.

This Copenhagen apartment designed by Norm Architects. The place is filled with light and air due to the large windows, absence of interior walls and white color. The interior combines classic, rustic and Danish modern details.   Photography: normcph.com via style-files.com  

A container home in Finland

This summer house is located next to the lake Hartola in Finland. It is built of 4 containers and cost owners 30% of a usual cost of building a house. Black exterior and white interior, a few simple but effective decorating methods, and as a result – a very nice cottage. The house is 60… Continue reading A container home in Finland