An apartment in old tea factory building in Sydney

This apartment in Sydney is renovated by Josephine Hurley Architecture. The two top floors of an old tea factory turned into contemporary apartment. The Edwards & Co. factory is one of Sydney’s most recognised heritage buildings. The architects managed to keep all original elements, combining with a modern style. The result is a flat with an interesting character and… Continue reading An apartment in old tea factory building in Sydney

At home with Kristin Lagerqvist

Kristin Lagerqvist, blogger, designer and photographer. She lives with her family in an old house in Varberg (Sweden). The interior can be described briefly as 50 shades of blue. And at first glance it seems that this is a very feminine interior. It is hard to imagine that in this house with Kristin live four… Continue reading At home with Kristin Lagerqvist


Kanarie Club Amsterdam

Today I will tell you about a place in Amsterdam, which I pass on the bike almost every day. And I regularly visit the building next door – Foodhallen and Filmhallen (a cultural space in the West of Amsterdam). Kanarie Club is located in a former tram depot. It is a multifunctional space that welcomes… Continue reading Kanarie Club Amsterdam


Modern apartment in Holmen

This apartment building is a converted shipyard in Holmen neighborhood in Copenhagen. Six years ago Inge-Hanne Tegnander and her husband bought an apartment here. Interior is decorated with simplicity and a strong sense of quality and style. I like everything in this apartment – open floor plan, nice balcony, beautiful kitchen with stars on the… Continue reading Modern apartment in Holmen