Private house in Fontainebleau

Marion, Bertrand and their three children moved in this magnificent house located in the heart of Fontainebleau after several months of works. All work was done by design studio Royal Roulotte. Tile, lights, furniture, colors, lots of interesting details – all this I can watch it forever. Interesting that some furniture and decor are vintage… Continue reading Private house in Fontainebleau


A Noirish office in San Francisco

This is not an apartment, but an office located in the SOMA district of San Francisco. In recent years the design studio founded by Nicole Hollis, tripled in size and new space has become a necessity. Before it was an industrial building with tech office in small rooms. Nicole wanted to create “a creative laboratory—a… Continue reading A Noirish office in San Francisco


Artist loft on Lake Como

This loft on Lake Como belongs to Italian artist Marco Vido. There was a large factory space in this building before. For Marco it was important to keep the soul of the industrial space. He retained many original features and made some small changes to turn this place into their dream home. Loft is also… Continue reading Artist loft on Lake Como

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