Pastel colours pad in Oslo

This apartment in Oslo belongs to the interior designer Rikke Bye-Andersen. During the ten years that Rikke lives here, the apartment has gone through several transitions. And as a result, it is a charming pastel colour house. The designer picked up the colour palette with great taste. She came to the final version after trying… Continue reading Pastel colours pad in Oslo

At home with Oliver Gustav

Oliver Gustav is a designer, owner of stores in Copenhagen and New York, where he shows the work of contemporary designers — Vincenzo De Cotiis, Rick Owens, Faye Toogood and Michael Verheyden, antiques and own furniture line. In his Copenhagen apartment Oliver tried to fully express his own vision. The house was built in 1734… Continue reading At home with Oliver Gustav

Young couple house in Valencia

This beautiful house in Valencia belongs to Marcial and Andrea. They managed to turn a completely abandoned space into a beautiful modern house. Marcial’s brother, who runs a design firm Boor Studio helped them with renovation. Marcial and Andrea have lived in Stockholm and love Scandinavian style. Their basic rule for renovation was to keep… Continue reading Young couple house in Valencia