Interview with Viola Winokan and tips how to display photos in the interior.

I met Viola Winokan at one of the events of the Amsterdam Art Club. Viola is an Amsterdam gallerist, who is specializing in the promotion and curation of photography and painting. I could not miss the opportunity to ask a well-recognized expert some questions on photography in interior. Despite her busy schedule, Viola willingly responded to my… Continue reading Interview with Viola Winokan and tips how to display photos in the interior.


Brooklyn brownstone residence

This home in a Brooklyn brownstone built in 1910 belongs to Jeff Madalena (co-founder of clothing brand Oak) and Jason Gnewikow (a former musician and graphic designer). The owners wanted to create a place where they can rest from their very cluttered lives, and they wanted a place where they could cook dinner, chill-out, and… Continue reading Brooklyn brownstone residence

A bright loft in Lille

This 180 square meters loft is located in Lille. It was a warehouse before. The transformation into the dwelling took almost a year. Open floor plan, white walls, large windows, even in the ceiling, the light-flooded space – all of this together creates the impression of an enormous area. Ropes, anchor, lifebuoy, suitcases, bleached oak… Continue reading A bright loft in Lille

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Brooklyn loft designed by Homepolish

This Brooklyn loft is designed by Homepolish. Owners, the couple, wanted an industrial loft and asked to complete all the works in two months. In two months the designers did a wonderful job, and the customers got this stunning loft. Photography: Julia Robbs via  


Erin Fetherston Hollywood house

Designer Erin Fetherston, well-known in the fashion world, has moved from New York to Los Angeles last year to begin family life with the famous singer Gabe Saporta (frontman of “Cobra Starship”) . The couple settled in a house built in 1923 in West Hollywood. Erin says that it is a “magical oasis with a… Continue reading Erin Fetherston Hollywood house