Scandinavian house in Hamptons

This house is not in Sweden or Denmark, but in respectable Hampton on the East Coast of the United States.

House Amagansett was designed by designer Jessica Helgerson and her team in collaboration with TBD Architecture.

The design of the house was a departure from the traditional Hamptons style, and designers decided to use as an inspiration source an elegant but simple Scandinavian style.

The palette of the interiors is restrained, using traditional Scandinavian technique and materials: pale wood, white painted wood, handmade white tile, marble and brass.

Furniture here is a combination of iconic Danish pieces and modern objects. For example, a round table PP130 and dining chairs Sibast No. 8, a table and bench from Another Country, the Trapeze series lapms from Apparatus Studio. Simple, cozy, stylish and beautiful. For those who love and appreciate the Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian_House_in_The Hamptons_13

Scandinavian_House_in_The Hamptons_12

Scandinavian_House_in_The Hamptons_11

Scandinavian_House_in_The Hamptons_10

Scandinavian_House_in_The Hamptons_15

Scandinavian_House_in_The Hamptons_9

Scandinavian_House_in_The Hamptons_14

Scandinavian_House_in_The Hamptons_8

Scandinavian_House_in_The Hamptons_4

Scandinavian_House_in_The Hamptons_16

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Scandinavian_House_in_The Hamptons_2

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Scandinavian_House_in_The Hamptons_17

Scandinavian_House_in_The Hamptons_1

Scandinavian_House_in_The Hamptons_6

Scandinavian_House_in_The Hamptons_5


Matthew Williams via Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


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