Zoku Loft in Amsterdam

Zoku Loft – a new concept in accommodation business that came to life in Amsterdam. In a regular hotel room the bed dominates in the interior. In Zoku Loft bed is hidden, sleeping area is elevated and can be screened off for visitors. This room – a place that can be easily transformed according to… Continue reading Zoku Loft in Amsterdam


Another Berlin apartment byAnnabel Kutucu

Today I want to share with you a new work by German designer Annabell Kutucu. This apartment is in Berlin and Annabell again proved her talent and great taste. Very nice and comfortable place. Great work! You can see other works of Annabell Kutucu here and here.

An apartment with a tree in the living room

The apartment of Herlev Jørgensen family in Copenhagen is quite large for five people – 355 square meters. And that space is filled with things that are holding our attention. For example, a three-meter tree in the living room, wall with photos, designer furniture or objects made by hand. Owners – Marianne Britt Herlev Jørgensen, freelance… Continue reading An apartment with a tree in the living room

A lakeside house in Wisconsin

This lakeside house in Wisconsin was designed by Jessica Jubelirer. Whitewashed worn wood is dominating in the interior. Against this background even overstuffed lounge furniture looks good for me, even though I’m not a fan of it generally. It’s all about balance – coarse texture of natural wood and textiles, industrial-style elements coexist with soft… Continue reading A lakeside house in Wisconsin


“Casa Dolce Casa” on Baltic sea

This house belongs to Malin Persson, interior designer and former model. She lives there with her Italian husband and three children. They were renovating this building of 1908 during three years and literally restored from the ruins. Malin calls her home on shore of the cold sea in Malmö “Casa Dolce Casa” (“Home, sweet home”). In… Continue reading “Casa Dolce Casa” on Baltic sea