Susanna Vento home

Another work by a wonderful Finnish designer and interior stylist Susanna Vento.

Today I want to share with you her own apartment.

And again here we have everything we love in the Scandinavian design, reinforced by the Finnish ultra-laconism. Organic beauty, inscribed in daily life, attention to detail and simplicity – all this distinguishes the work of Susanna. I really like the way it plays with the background colors, and how it gives each room its atmosphere. And what a wonderful bedroom she has with subtle Asian accents in the form of a rattan bed head and a cult lamp Akari Light Model 10A.

In the blog you can see another apartment designed by Susanna Vento and a selection of experiments with green color in the interior.

Susanna Vento4

Susanna Vento5

Susanna Vento2

Susanna Vento8

Susanna Vento9

Susanna Vento

Susanna Vento10

Susanna Vento6

Susanna Vento7

Susanna Vento3

Susanna Vento_1

Susanna Vento11

Susanna Vento12

Susanna Vento13


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