Pastel colours pad in Oslo

This apartment in Oslo belongs to the interior designer Rikke Bye-Andersen.

During the ten years that Rikke lives here, the apartment has gone through several transitions. And as a result, it is a charming pastel colour house.

The designer picked up the colour palette with great taste. She came to the final version after trying a lot of different options. At one time the hallway was dark gray, and according to Ricke’s own admission, it looked very stylish, but not for her.

Rikke loves pastel colors, wears clothes in these tones, uses in work, surrounds herself with colour. She says that modern Scandinavian design is associated primarily with a neutral colour palette, but before the Scandinavian architecture was colourful. The houses were green, pink, orange, blue and yellow, and not white and gray.
Despite the presence of different shades, this interior clearly shows the Scandinavian style: in simplicity, in typical furniture, in an abundance of white colour. All because the Scandinavian style can be very different and everyone can adapt it to personal taste.

Pastel_colours_pad in_Oslo1

Pastel_colours_pad in_Oslo2

Pastel_colours_pad in_Oslo3

Pastel_colours_pad in_Oslo4

Pastel_colours_pad in_Oslo5

Pastel_colours_pad in_Oslo7

Pastel_colours_pad in_Oslo8

Pastel_colours_pad in_Oslo9

Pastel_colours_pad in_Oslo9


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