At home with Oliver Gustav

Oliver Gustav is a designer, owner of stores in Copenhagen and New York, where he shows the work of contemporary designers — Vincenzo De Cotiis, Rick Owens, Faye Toogood and Michael Verheyden, antiques and own furniture line.

In his Copenhagen apartment Oliver tried to fully express his own vision. The house was built in 1734 and is listed by the government as a building of architectural significance.
In Europe they take their historical preservation seriously. There is virtually nothing you can change about a listed building: not the sloping floors, not the windows, not the switches, you also can not change the location of the kitchen or doors.
The first thing that catches your eye in this apartment is the crooked floor. “I always fall in love with crooked places,” says Oliver.

And there is the only bathroom for the entire 190-meter apartment and it sits next to the entrance to the apartment. In fact, the bathroom – it’s a shower stall, with a toilet and sink. But Oliver likes this step backwards in time, although, many people would find it not very practical.
On this historical backdrop, Oliver placed deep sofas and chairs, covered with linen, the 18th century antiques, contemporary art and design objects.

“My way of expressing myself is to build my own universe,” and in doing so, he added, “I create my own self.”









Via The New York Times Style Magazine.
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