My chart of the most unusual sofas

I have read many articles with the lists of pieces with the most unusual and interesting design. So I decided to make my own chart of such things. This chart will be divided into categories, because you cannot compare a chair and a vase. It’s like comparing jazz to hip-hop (do not look here for deep analogies).

So, today in the chart “most unusual sofas” are:

10. Brainwave Sofa by Belgian designers Unfold – 3D mapping of brain EEG.

9. Marshmallows by Japanese designer Kei Harada.

8. Boa  sofa by the Campana Brothers. Pricey one! It is worth about $ 40,000.

7. Sofa DS-1025 by Ubald Klug.
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6. Wallfa by Jordi Canudas.

5. Gemma by Daniel Libeskind.

4. Scuba by Brodie Neill.

3. Very nice sofa The Giant Nest by OGE creative group.

2. One of the many wonderful and crazy creations of Zaha Hadid, Serac Bench.

1. I give the first place to a terribly impractical creation of Verner Panton “Living Tower”. It is difficult to say if it’s a sculpture or a piece of furniture.

Out of competition, I would like to add a masterpiece, created in 1937 by Salvador Dali sofa “Mae West Lips”.

These sofas are great extremes that make us rethink the very idea of the furniture, help us open mind, be more susceptible.

If you have ideas for new charts, write me!

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