Piccolo Borgo del Giglio in Umbria

This residence Piccolo Borgo del Giglio is located near the town of Todi in the province of Perugia in Italy.

It belongs to Cristina Santarelli and Lucio Fiorini, a couple from Rome.

The idea to buy the house appeared from their wish to spend more time outdoors and have a place where you can escape from the big city.

The couple bought this house in September 2012, and they were renovating the house on their own for almost 8 months. The materials, colors, accessories, furniture, style was wholly chosen by Christine and Lucho.

Many vintage items collected over the years, were often found in the family’s pantry.

The history of the estate dates back to 1600. Maybe it belonged to the French people, since the fireplace stone carved lily, “il giglio” in Italian, the symbol of the French kings. Hence the name – Piccolo Borgo del Giglio – “Small manor with a lily.”

On weekends, Christine and Lucho rent out a few rooms as bed & breakfast.

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