Louis Urkulo’s Madrid Apartment

The other day, I told my friends why I so rarely publish homes from Spain and other Southern countries. Mainly due to the color and their love for complex forms. I love monochrome and parallelepipeds. The second reason – I don’t understand Spanish, even with Google Translate.
But it is more pleasant to meet an exception. Here, for example, a great apartment of the Spanish artist, illustrator and videomaker Luis Urkulo.

The apartment is located in the center of Madrid. The owner often travels between Madrid and Mexico City, and from these travels, he brings many interesting things, which create the unique look of the apartment.

The apartment has its own interesting history. It was bought by Louis’ grandparents in the 70s, and then they rented it out to the US Embassy.

Back to the idea of white walls and right angles – this apartment perfectly illustrates that interior can be filled with interesting, bright and unusual things. But the background for these wonderful things should be white or gray. Dark gray and black are also my favorites, but it is a much more complicated story.








Helenio Barbetta via living.corriere.it


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