Gunnar Flørning’s designer toys

I know that I have readers who love designer toys. And me too, I was filled with this love. And first of all I am attracted to mid-century toys. I think that soon I will put start to my own collection.

Today I will tell you about one designer and his toys.

Gunnar Flørning – a man who has created some of the most beloved and popular toys in just 10 years from 1955 to 1965.
Gf 03

The history of popular toys Flooring Gunnar began in 1952, during his military service. To kill some time, he and his friend began carving objects out of the old wooden post – igniting an interest within Flørning.  Gunnar managed his own factory for many years.
GF LucieKaas2659B

Thousands of copies os his Siamese cat, The Elephant, The Sparrow, The Pelican and The Clown were sold in Europe, America and Japan.
GF LucieKaas2702

Unfortunately, Gunnar, due to the development of a dust allergy, was forced to stop making things himself.

In our days toys again are produced by the Danish company Lucie Kaas and can enliven the dullest interior.

GF Kaas5336

Gf 04

Gf 01

I don’t know whether there are “scientific” methods to determine whether a toy is a “designer toy”, but some things are so beautiful that they are impossible not to love.

What do you think of designer toys?

All photos courtesy of Lucie Kaas (shared with kind permission).



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