Classical French style apartment in Lyon

This apartment is located in Lyon, the second-largest city in France. Lyon is the city I want to visit in the nearest future. Maybe not this year – plans for this year are almost completely painted, but certainly the next year.
Lyon and its surroundings are famous, first of all, as a wine region. Here is the famous Wine Route and Golden Stones Country. Cote du Rhone lays south of Lyon. And, of course Burgundy on the way to Dijon.
Lyon is famous for its celebrated culinary traditions and the way of life. It is an elegant and energetic city, where you can see the essence of the French style and the attitude.
Judging by this introduction, it’s time for me to retrain to travel-food-vine-bloggers). So back to the apartment!
The apartment is located in the center of Lyon in Bellecourt Square in a house built at the beginning of the 20th century and belongs to Benedicte family.
They moved here in 2015 after a minor repair.
All original designs, spaces and details have been kept. The repair consisted mainly of painting the walls and repairing the parquet. The result is a harmonious interior in classic French style with elements of modern and contemporary design.










Anne Catherine Scoffoni via Est Living

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