Andaz Prinsengracht – a Hyatt hotel in Amsterdam

Amsterdam never ceases to amaze. Today we want to share with you another one of our favorite local experiences at Andaz Prinsengracht Hotel designed by Marcel Wanders. And when he is charge then his creations are always over the top!

When famous Dutch designer Marcel Wanders (that is thought could be the local Philippe Starck) came up with idea for this hotel, he drew inspiration from the story of Alice in Wonderland, therefore an important role is given to the images from this book. According to his idea, Alice gets to Amsterdam with a mind to experience everything the city has to offer.

Cold water in the canals, giant books, beautiful flowers, tastes and smells, “drink me,” “eat me,” rabbit hole and magical garden, old and new, romantic, mysterious and strange – everything is mixed up in this fairytalish universe.

The space is filled with a combination of Marcel Wanders’ designs, custom pieces and art in its various manifestations. It’s amazing how much imagination is invested in every square meter of the hotel. Insta-worthy spots are around every corner.

AMSAZ_Lobby (1)

The hotel is located in the former buildings of the public library of Amsterdam iconic Prinsengracht  in the protected UNESCO area Canal District. That’s why the interior has many allusions of the history of the city and images of books. Furniture and design objects reference the Dutch Golden age, Delft ceramics and tulips.

The ceiling lamps in the lobby have the shape of bells representing early and important forms of communication.

The carpet shows a map of the world, referring to journeys of the famous Dutch adventurers.
Andaz_Prinsengracht_The Atelier

The central elevator is a window to the most ancient of navigation systems for travellers.

The bar and the restaurant “Bluespoon” with dark and moody intimate atmosphere are on the ground floor. Being there can make you open your mind to new experiences, definitely a place to visit on a good cocktail night.

Andaz_Prinsengracht_Bluespoon Bar

Andaz_Prinsengracht_Bluespoon Restaurant

Andaz_Prinsengracht_Bluespoon Restaurant - Prince

The centerpiece of the library is a large crystal chandelier with very small custom designed screens that play video art works. The hotel has a great collection of video art in general and most of the visuals are made or selected by the internationally known Dutch artist Erwin Olaf.

The garden is the place to wander in silence and see a huge graffiti by the artist Nick Walker, presenting Alice in Amsterdam.


The hotel rooms are decorated with custom-made wallpapers and furniture. Each room has a “fish”, stitched together with different objects with stitches of three Amsterdam crosses.
Andaz_Prinsengracht_Prinsengracht Suite _Living 02

Andaz_Prinsengracht_Prinsengracht Suite_Dining

Andaz_Prinsengracht_Prinsengracht Suite_Bedroom

Andaz_Prinsengracht__Large Canal View

Andaz_Prinsengracht_Vanity 02


Fitness and spa.

Andaz_Prinsengracht_The Spa

AMSAZ_Exterior - Evening

The caring and professional staff and design of the hotel distracts you from everyday vanity and welcome you with good vibes and atmosphere. You want to come back here again and again. When you’re traveling and looking for exceptional luxury with a twist of a funky style then you are in good hands. The Andaz hotel is definitely a landmark of designer-chic Amsterdam life and the place to be!

Photos are kindly provided by Andaz Amsterdam.

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